Tuesday, December 11, 2012


this day 12/12/12 was forecasted by the mayans moons ago to be the end of the world for all of our human race and other existence. whether this is happening or not is always food for thought ; so who will you want to spend it with on this last day of your short life on planet earth? who will be the one you want to hug and kiss and say goodbye and hold hands facing this immediate wipeout?

of course, we should have pondered about this everyday as life is so unpredictable. car crashes, murders, and even walking on the street with a coin falling from Empire State building might kill you without even knowing. 

we are surrounded by many people who stay or come and go in our lives. family, friends, acquaintances, strangers on the bus..it all matters in the social network that builds in our short 50-70 years of living and learning. perhaps we take our time, thinking there is much more time, but if the world ends now, do we even have time to think anymore?

3 more mins to 12/12/12, and i didn't need to think further. hope you all would think about it before you go to bed as we might not see tomorrow or even wake up to our usual routine. i have my answer, just one and only one forever the same. do you have yours yet?

happy 12/12/12...if we survive..

Saturday, December 1, 2012

gloomy not anniversary

today is the 1st of december. the first time i cannot say 'happy anniversary' to you. i hate it and i wished i can cuddle and sleep with you in this rain ... we spent 15months competing to see who would say 'happy anniversary' first...ha was fun isn't it?do u even remember the times we had?do u remember the kisses you gave?or is it just me thinking of you on this gloomy day?

cannot tell you how much i miss you but here i can say whatever i want...so i miss you miss you miss you and 'happy not anniversary darling....' hope this day is over soon...please...