Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Lost in Bermuda

bermuda is two hours by flight from NYC and has always been a place that aroused my curiosity. fortunately for me, i met friends who live there and the last one standing is alan who is also leaving the island in a month. thus, without hesitation, me and my friend lim packed on bags and headed to this sunny island in the middle of the big pacific.

alan picked us up from the airport and we had lunch at a pub with a taste of the bermudian swiffle cocktail under the blazing sun. he then took us to a private beach area near his place and even though it had not much of a coastline nor sand, it was shallow with blue waters and calm. perfect place to hang out just alone or a couple of friends. so lim and i spent the rest of the day waddling looking for corals and caves and though our feet was stung by the rocky bottom, we had great fun. 

we got picked up in the evening and met kellyn, alan's gf and headed to another beach where we chilled with drinks at the hotel bar and hit the waves for a rough ride watching the sun go down. time does go by when you are having fun and after all the wet and wild sessions, we went home to have a little bbq on alan's balcony with a fresh serving of grilled wahoo that he caught the day before and it was as delis as it can get...

wahoo and mushrooms...
the next few days, we explored a few more beaches..of which my favorite was the day when alan took us out on his little speedy boat..it was a great day, weather was perfectly hot and with the unusual calm waters, we sped to visit George town which was one of bermuda's top attraction..got some serious chinese takeout for our lunch and went to our final destination. The Castle Point beach. 

Alan swimming to get his boat where he parks :P

i have been to mexico and hawaii to countless beaches but by far, this is the top of my charts. i felt like i was in the movie pirates of the carribean stepping into a quiet uninhabited beach with clean pink (seriously you can see literally pink sand) waves of sand and meters of 100 percent visibility crystal clear water with schools of fish swimming by. the beauty was unimaginable. after enjoying our chinese noodles and some buckets of beer, i laid on the soft sand and waddled around the water appreciating the sun, the peace this place has brought me.

was sad to leave this insanely awesome place but we had to go before dark. our night ended up at our friend suresh and his room mate isandar's place where they both are chefs from malaysia and cooked us a storm of home made indian fish curry and sambal over grilled fish...all freshly caught by alan and suresh...nothing can beat this lovely meal with fresh coconut juice that suresh plucked effortlessly from his tree right out in the back yard. was quite a fun experience and most of all, good friends made :P

our last day was spent with lim and i riding on alan's scooter to the famous light house for scenic views and a fulfilling brunch..later hitting one of alan's favorite beach named the Horseshoe beach. 

however already listed my top beach, the horse shoe was nothing in comparison even though it is rated one of the most popular beaches in bermuda. the main beach was had stronger waves and a lot of people and kids which was not my favorite but the other side was a little more enjoyable. calm and shallow rocky water but with little holes to sit and hide from the sun. guess the most fun part about this beach is that it has schools of small fish that fills up the water making it seem like its silver in color and you can just spend the whole afternoon trying to catch them. 

ps: this is the formal classic wear by bermudians. lol

my bermuda trip was as fun as it gets and its all thanks to alan and friends that i saw a side of this island that many would not have known. i still dream of the sand and waters and looking forward to go back for another do nothing session but meanwhile, i will just keep re looking at my pictures :P