Thursday, September 8, 2011

surprise surprise!!!!

its tough giving surprises...i know that as i have never been quite surprised before...but decided to give one this year...when ian was in thailand, i was just randomly checking tickets for our oct roadtrip and this is five days after we left each other...checked and suddenly it became sept as i could not bear the thought of not seeing him for so long...came up to almost $300, and within the next two mins, i booked a ticket and said to myself 'why not?''..of course, i knew jobs would come up the next day for that two weeks that i am away and funny thing is i did not even know if ian was gonna be around..haha

held my breath trying to  keep this secret for the next three weeks and all my friends around me thought i was mad. they said 'what if you buzz his door and see him making out with another chick? what if hes not home? what if he doesnt welcome you for such a long vacation he did not know about?' wow didn't know there were so many what ifs... well figured if those what ifs happen, i will know and figure something out then...what's new?hasn't my life been always a huge what if?

anyhoos, made my ways to the airport and decided to email  him to let him know just half hour before take a call from him and he sounded really excited. only down thing was he had to borrow his friend's car to pick me up as i had a big luggage. haha. i was real excited too as its been too long trying to count down days...

we spent the whole of next 14 days together...well not really as he had a super busy crappy schedule at work which also turned my body clock upside down waiting for him just to make him noodle soup at 3am in the morning and get a hug...but i guess it's all worth it. can't deny i was a little upset some point in that two weeks that we could not spend as much time together as i fact, i think i spent more time at his pool...but hey, at least, i get to steal his bolster back to nyc and to redeem my three magic words that i awaited over skype for so long..hehe. and now, my favorite words are 'love love' and 'miss you' even though i rather not say 'miss you'. our pact was not to say miss you when we are around each other. hopefully one day, those words won't exist in my world anymore...

now, i am back in the big apple, counting down the days without him and waiting for the day i can see him again. the only thing i can return to once again are those funny recordings of him attempting to sing and play for me...awwwwwwwww

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