Thursday, September 8, 2011

my first time in LASSSS VEGASSSS!

everyone talks about Las Vegas and makes it sound like its always Hangover the movie and all my nine years in the States, i never been there. finally this august on my visit to AZ, ian took me on a preview one night trip to Vegas. 
we rented a cool retro pumpkin color Dodge car and had quite a drive along never ending desert and cactus to our first destination and had a delish malaysian meal with curry fishhead, fried intestines and of course our favorite hainanese chicken rice. then we checked into our hotel the Mirage and it was packed with people and cars..everywhere. we walked along 'the strip' hopping from one hotel to another and i just realised how big this place can be. every hotel had its own theme and was rather interesting to see..esp the part where the fountain performs i finally know, where oceans 11 was filmed..haha

anyways, we headed to this hotel Rio for their supposedly decent seafood buffet...lined up like all normal people and hungry. unfortunately to our disappointment, the food was terrible and seafood was not fresh with sashimi chopped randomly and piled up like a hill and dessert overly just sweet and nothing else. best part of the buffet was actually the fresh cut fruit. guess you cant really go wrong against nature. me and ian found it so hilarious how bad buffets can be especially hearing all about  the great eats of the end,  i had to get a choc milkshake while he got a yard of frozen margarita to make up for

returned back to the casinos and we started playing slots..the game where you perpetually just lose...the game that i call the robbers game. basically telling the casinos, 'just take my wallet pls'...but was fun with all the fancy lights and pictures that you do not even comprehend...later we headed to the craps table (another game i dont get) and ian had a hell of a time throwing the dice across the table..and of course donating more money to more worthy cause..haha..we were beat at the end of the night...but it was a lovely day...not quite a Hangover experience..maybe next time :P

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