Sunday, October 24, 2010

Recipe for those who love Sea Urchin :P

i have always loved to eat sea urchin aka uni and New York City offers the best variety of uni pasta from different cuisines including Basta Pasta's italian japanese uni pasta or Marea and Convivio's Uni and crab pasta, as well as Felidia's uni and snow crab pasta. of course, there are many ways of cooking sea urchin with pasta, from simple olive oil and garlic to a more substantial creamy pink sauce. personally i love pink sauce so i decided to try it out in my own tiny kitchen. 

one box of ready to eat sea urchin
half a box of linguine or angelhair pasta
one clove of garlic sliced
one pound of crab claws (blanched till cooked and remove meat keeping juices)
three tablespoons of cold heavy cream
one tablespoon of tomato paste
four tablespoons of olive oil
truffle salt and pepper to taste

1. bring a pot of water to boil with some salt. allow pasta to cook for roughly 6mins to    become al dente and strain pasta into a bowl

2. in the same pot, dry and add olive oil. once heated, add garlic to cook for one min

3. then add on the tomato paste and  heavy cream and stir for 30secs and add a little water to make it into a creamy sauce enough to coat the pasta you made. once heated, add the crab meat and stir

4. add half the box of sea urchin into the sauce n mix for a minute and later the cooked pasta

5. sprinkle enough salt and pepper to taste and right after put in the rest of uni and start serving.

this may not be the best recipe on earth but hey, it works for me so try it out!!!

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