Sunday, October 24, 2010

For the Porky Pigs

this is a page for all the porky pigs in the world..especially for those of us who grew up with eating pork and bacon in asia, we always find and crave the best siew yuk which is roasted pork belly with the crispiest skin that crunches when you bite through it. that itself is an experience and here is one that i will never forget. 

somehow in manhattan, i got by for 7 yrs eating mediocre roasted pork sold by the chinese vendors. finally last week, my friend wee kiat, introduced me to a recipe he tried and was really successful especially impressing his friends at a potluck party. with all faith and confidence, i decided to give it a try too buying a total of 4 pounds of pork belly.

blanched it, marinated it for two nights, finally, i put the victim into the piping hot oven and followed the recipe wisely. my heart was pounding with excitement and finally almost two hours, the pork belly came out slightly charred and when i sliced it, it was crunching loudly and me and my bf joe chowed down as we cut...he did the bone too..haha..and later sauteed half of it with kai lan. later, we were both overdosed from pork but was indeed the best overdose ever...

halfway through cooking

 the final result... :)

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