Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Moving House ... Bahhhhhhh!!!!

One of the top ten most hated things in my life : Moving
and unfortunately, in my course of life, it has been a big part of my life and ongoing. 

Living with my bf Joe on famous Mott street for over a year with my two kitties, he finally decided that we should get a bigger space but still close to Chinatown so i can still get my groceries to cook.

We found 111, Worth street which is a nice doorman elevator building with a beautiful view of City hall. Great timing it was, the apartment was available and we took it immediately without much hesitation. However,it was also good timing that home depot actually ran out of boxes and we had to run to another one and got only the large ones left. 

Signed the lease one day with also buying a new bed, i packed the whole apartment (luckily with my good friend Joyce) the next day. Finally on the third day, we moved from storage to apartment to cleanup to unpacking and also making a trip to Ikea. 

Anyways, glad the worst is over and now, me, Joe and my little kitties are enjoying this great apartment living happily ever after :P

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