Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fishing Trip to Harriman State Park/ Sept 2010

The last trip for my summer 2010 was an adventure to the Harriman State Park (right behind Woodsbury Common) which consisted of 37 different lakes and was a popular spot for lake fishing. 
Me, Joe, Wanyin and Kush headed down after a great brunch stop by at Jersey in the early evening and hiked for ten mins before finding this secluded spot with a little pier off the camping cabins. We set up our cheap fishing rods with super crawly night crawlers and started our fishing competition. 
Kush was the first to catch a fish which was a pretty big yellow perch. Then almost simultaneously, Wanyin also caught a pumpkin seed. Later, feeding began and in total, we caught like 7 fish including my good size bass. It was fun and Wanyin was brave enough to kill the two fish we decided to keep and de gut them. Yes, it was quite fishy and gross. 
When the sun went down, temperatures dropped and we stopped to make some hot coffee and chamomile tea and sipped on it snacking on cookies and chips. Stayed for abit longer, Wanyin caught our final victim but let it go anyways. It was a good and fulfilling night as we ended chowing down some spicy hot korean soup on our way back to the concrete jungle. 
ps: i cooked my bass two days later and was super yummy!!!

the yellow perch

the brave degutter

my bass!

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