Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fishing Trip to Harriman State Park/ Sept 2010

The last trip for my summer 2010 was an adventure to the Harriman State Park (right behind Woodsbury Common) which consisted of 37 different lakes and was a popular spot for lake fishing. 
Me, Joe, Wanyin and Kush headed down after a great brunch stop by at Jersey in the early evening and hiked for ten mins before finding this secluded spot with a little pier off the camping cabins. We set up our cheap fishing rods with super crawly night crawlers and started our fishing competition. 
Kush was the first to catch a fish which was a pretty big yellow perch. Then almost simultaneously, Wanyin also caught a pumpkin seed. Later, feeding began and in total, we caught like 7 fish including my good size bass. It was fun and Wanyin was brave enough to kill the two fish we decided to keep and de gut them. Yes, it was quite fishy and gross. 
When the sun went down, temperatures dropped and we stopped to make some hot coffee and chamomile tea and sipped on it snacking on cookies and chips. Stayed for abit longer, Wanyin caught our final victim but let it go anyways. It was a good and fulfilling night as we ended chowing down some spicy hot korean soup on our way back to the concrete jungle. 
ps: i cooked my bass two days later and was super yummy!!!

the yellow perch

the brave degutter

my bass!

Fendi Show / Sept 2010

One of my favorite jobs this month was the Fendi show held at a big open space at Manhasett, Long Island. It was a brilliant day with sunshine and a light breeze, we showed the Fall/Winter collection in a white tent while the ladies had their lunch. 
Nothing beats wearing a $215000 bob cat fur coat and strutting down the white runway (and of course i almost passed out in that while waiting for show to go on). I must say this season, the Fendi looks were incredible and sadly, their accessories seem to be pale in comparison to the ready to wear. Here are some shots and hope you enjoy it as much as i did!!

ToTo's 1st Birthday / 15 Sept 2010

Today is my little boy ToTo's first birthday. We got him a hat to wear to celebrate but since his head is extremely small for his age, we had to alter the hat which still did not fit..haha.. nonetheless, he is still cute as a button and hopefully in this coming year, he will be healthier and happier than ever!!! Happy Birthday TOTO!! we love you!!


Kojii and Cyril Visit to the big apple! sept 2010

been almost two years since i saw  my great friend miss kojii.. finally, on her way back from a hot summer in Dublin, she and her husband Cyril stopped by NYC for a short trip and of course, to visit me :P Though we did not have a lot of time together, we caught up over coffee and they came by to check Fashion's Night Out too where i was working and it had been great fun... Hopefully the next time i see them, i will see Croi exciting!!!! love you guys!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Little Giant Brunch

Best part after a two long weeks of work , my only consolation was a Saturday quick brunch with two of my best friends Bee and Alex at a little lower Eastside cafe called Little Giant... the yummy french toasts with banana and caramel took me to a level higher than heaven but of course, company was beyond any description ..hee hee.. anyways its time for pictures of my cute friends!!!


Moving House ... Bahhhhhhh!!!!

One of the top ten most hated things in my life : Moving
and unfortunately, in my course of life, it has been a big part of my life and ongoing. 

Living with my bf Joe on famous Mott street for over a year with my two kitties, he finally decided that we should get a bigger space but still close to Chinatown so i can still get my groceries to cook.

We found 111, Worth street which is a nice doorman elevator building with a beautiful view of City hall. Great timing it was, the apartment was available and we took it immediately without much hesitation. However,it was also good timing that home depot actually ran out of boxes and we had to run to another one and got only the large ones left. 

Signed the lease one day with also buying a new bed, i packed the whole apartment (luckily with my good friend Joyce) the next day. Finally on the third day, we moved from storage to apartment to cleanup to unpacking and also making a trip to Ikea. 

Anyways, glad the worst is over and now, me, Joe and my little kitties are enjoying this great apartment living happily ever after :P