Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Blue Berry Picking / Kelder Farm/ July2010

Last saturday, my bf joe and i were really excited about our little trip up north of New York to this privately owned castle called MoHunk. 

Of cos, we rented a car in New Jersey and took the path train to pick up the car, stopping along this little cafe called Turning Point right by Hudson River. Tried the crabcake benedict and my pancakes called Crunchy Monkey which were regular pancakes topped with bananas and granola, my two favorite ingredients :P

after our delicious breakfast, we drove north and stopped by Kelder's Farm whereby you can pick any amount of berries ranging from blueberries to raspberries to blackberries and sweet corn. My favorite was blue berries so we went on a hunt for the biggest blue berries possible. An hour's work brought us two pints of blue berries (xxl) and alot of perspiration..haha

my dear joe at work!!

later, we also visited the few cute animals on the farm including sheep and alpaca and little moos moos. was indeed an interesting start to our weekend!!!

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