Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mohunk Castle / July 2010

our 3 day 2 night stay at this beautifully castle Mohunk on top of its private hilltop was definitely not enough. Too many activities and no time. Some of it includes yoga, movies, smores by a campfire, boating, spa, hiking as well as horse riding and of course it changes daily. 

we checked in with great anticipation and the rooms were oldish with all wood but well maintained with a real working fire place. Had an awesome view from our balcony with two rocking chairs facing the serene lake.

we walked around a little bit and had some tea time cookies in one of their halls and rested up for our dinner at 7pm. All dressed up, we had our 'formal' dinner which served beef rib and salads and melon soup (which was actually way too sweet) and some really weird badly made earl grey panna cotta. was rather disappointed, we walked around more and took some great pictures with the redish golden sunset right in front of the hotel. 

 went to bed early and the next day, we were treated to an unlimited (for all meals) breakfast buffet and the waffle with many berries were my favorite and most ideal breakfast.hahawish everyday was like this..
later, we set off to the quiet lake for some boating and fishing. obviously at broad and bright daylight, the fish mostly would be sleeping and we did not expect to catch anything and so did the boys at the dock who was laughing at Joe's big survival knife. 
after two hours, we finally had some action and i did catch 3 amazing rainbow trouts!! Woooo HOOOOOO!! that just made my day and joe had the tough job of cutting the hook of the mouths and letting them swim away again. i wanted to fish more but we had to catch up with lunch so yet we had another buffet lunch and rest a little and headed down to the spa. 

i had a 50min espresso scrub and we both did a couple massage and was heaven. away from the city, we finally relaxed in their warm mineral pool till evening came by and took us back to a nice shower and ready for our next meal!!haha

tonight, our dinner was at the picnic lodge which we had a lobster each and free flow grilled cheese to sausages to salads. was awesome without any bugs wheezing over my yummy foods and the weather was perfect too. we ate and stuffed ourselves to the max and took a stroll along the edge of the area and ended up at the mini putting green where i had my first shot at golf..

our final day arrived and we set off to hike up the mountain top. took us about 40mins of walking and the view was breathless. wish i just own this place and lived here. wandered further and we found ourselves in a little garden filled with interesting and yet gorgeous flowers. now we know where the 1000 employees are anyways, we left dear Mohunk with a deep lasting impression in our hearts and we pray we will be back soon... bahhhhh!!!!

Blue Berry Picking / Kelder Farm/ July2010

Last saturday, my bf joe and i were really excited about our little trip up north of New York to this privately owned castle called MoHunk. 

Of cos, we rented a car in New Jersey and took the path train to pick up the car, stopping along this little cafe called Turning Point right by Hudson River. Tried the crabcake benedict and my pancakes called Crunchy Monkey which were regular pancakes topped with bananas and granola, my two favorite ingredients :P

after our delicious breakfast, we drove north and stopped by Kelder's Farm whereby you can pick any amount of berries ranging from blueberries to raspberries to blackberries and sweet corn. My favorite was blue berries so we went on a hunt for the biggest blue berries possible. An hour's work brought us two pints of blue berries (xxl) and alot of perspiration..haha

my dear joe at work!!

later, we also visited the few cute animals on the farm including sheep and alpaca and little moos moos. was indeed an interesting start to our weekend!!!