Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Taste Good !!! Indeed!!!

We met up with a bunch of friends last sat to try out this highly recommended malaysian restaurant called Taste Good. Rented our favorite zipcar, me, joe, yaoxian and carol trooped up there after work and met up with the rest. The restaurant was small and very 'local' like and crowded too. Seated after 15 minutes, we ordered almost 10 dishes. haha..very greedy. This is the first place we actually found the Singapore hokkien fried noodles and it was really excellent. However, there were a few other hot favorites which included the char kuey teow, fragarant spicy chicken (tasted like chicken coated with the nasi lemak chilli sauce and then fried), and mutton rendang. Yumm Yumm...nothing speaks louder than pictures so enjoy my friends and if you plan for a tasty adventure...welcome to Elmhurst!!!

Singapore Hokkien noodles                                                            my other greedy companion,
                                                                                                              Yaoxian :)

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