Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Fire Island/ June 2010

Summer is finally here in New York City...been kinda cold with random days of 90 degrees but this week has been consistent enough for me to hit the beach! Yipee!! well,i must say its a long ass ride from the subway to the long island railroad to the mini van and finally the ferry taking us 2 hours to get to Ocean Beach on Fire Island. However, i had my awesome Iphone to keep me company, watching the exciting games of World Cup as i travel. By the time we got to this breakfast cafe there, we were watching the last moments of the South Korean game..while chowing down a yummy breakfast.

 after breakfast, we walked down to the almost white sandy beach and settled down with our big red umbrella and mats. Piled on tons of SPF, we tried to play bat and ball we got from KMART the night before but within two minutes, the life guard came over to tell us playing ball is not allowed on the beach so we had to stop. 

 fortunately, we also bought a bag of spades and pails to make sand castles. haha i know...so in the end, we made a ton of different shaped sand castles for the rest of the day, basking in the sun and enjoying the icy cold mini cokes :P