Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Famous So Kong Dong Korean Tofu!!

One real cold saturday in May, my bf Joe decided to venture into Fort Lee New Jersey to visit the famous SO KONG DONG korean restaurant that we heard so much about from our friends or not... Got his two German friends Simon and Ellena (who never had korean food before), we had a scenic drive through George Washington Bridge and reaching our destination shortly. 

It was a real traditional looking place loaded with people and pots and pots of tofu and rice. While waiting, we were given the menu which had somewhat ten items and of nine were all tofu. We ordered all different variations of Soon Du Bul, the tofu stew that Koreans call it, and also the BBQ beef ribs which was the only carnivorous item on the list. 

The tofu was indeed smooth and silky and the stew stock was thick and tasty. My favorite was the beef ribs which was grilled to perfection and tender... i guess our German friends enjoyed their meal as much as i did but perhaps sweating a little more...:P

 Ellena and Simon

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