Monday, June 14, 2010

Double Take - Soba Totto and Yasuda Sushi

Right after my bf Joe had his CFA exam, we went for a celebration dinner at two of his favorite restaurants (unintended :P). We went to our usual hangout Soba Totto near Grand Central on 43rd Street and ordered a bunch of dishes like shark cartilage (which ended up being too sour with too much plum sauce) and the yummy steamed glutinous rice with chicken and deep fried shrimp ball topped with chilli sauce and of course not forgetting, the all time favorite chicken meatball on the skewer. 

Soba Totto : Deep fried shrimp paste with chilli sauce
However, we two carnivores were not satisfied and still hungry, we trotted across the street to Yasuda Sushi which is always fully booked and managed to get a table... hahaha, being super greedy, we each ordered two rounds of sushi each including giant clam (really really sweet) and uni as well as a whole variety of other fresh fish. Never a place of disappointment i must say and finally, we were stuffed to the max and had to roll our way home....happily...:)

Yasuda Sushi

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