Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Annual Crab Boil Fest at Back Forty!!

When my friend Wanyin sent a mass mail to everyone inviting us to this annual Crab fest hosted by this little cute restaurant in the Alphabet city called Back Forty, i was excited and was looking forward to it since then. Tickets were bought online on this website called Brown tickets at a particular time and you will be surprised it is really popular and difficult to get all of us sitting together.

The day came and we were all trying to get there a little earlier to see if they can do anything for us in regards of the seats but we all got caught in this sudden crazy downpour...that's new york for you and i was drenched despite carrying a huge green umbrella... fortunately, the host was real sweet and did manage to arrange for all 9 of us to be in the we treaded in the pools of rainwater in the garden but the smells of the fresh crabs which was also cooking in the same spot was too overwhelming that i did not care :P

We were served with corn bread and potatoes as well as green beans while pots of crabs were poured on the table lined with newspaper for our vast appetites.. No more talking and just eating was the rest of the night. However, after my maybe 10th crab, i was eaten alive by the just as hungry mosquitoes...feasting too on my bare legs... oh well.. we ended the night with some beer and a round of berry cobbler.. and most of all i enjoyed the company of my dear friends whom i have not seen in a while ...