Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Fire Island/ June 2010

Summer is finally here in New York City...been kinda cold with random days of 90 degrees but this week has been consistent enough for me to hit the beach! Yipee!! well,i must say its a long ass ride from the subway to the long island railroad to the mini van and finally the ferry taking us 2 hours to get to Ocean Beach on Fire Island. However, i had my awesome Iphone to keep me company, watching the exciting games of World Cup as i travel. By the time we got to this breakfast cafe there, we were watching the last moments of the South Korean game..while chowing down a yummy breakfast.

 after breakfast, we walked down to the almost white sandy beach and settled down with our big red umbrella and mats. Piled on tons of SPF, we tried to play bat and ball we got from KMART the night before but within two minutes, the life guard came over to tell us playing ball is not allowed on the beach so we had to stop. 

 fortunately, we also bought a bag of spades and pails to make sand castles. haha i know...so in the end, we made a ton of different shaped sand castles for the rest of the day, basking in the sun and enjoying the icy cold mini cokes :P

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Annual Crab Boil Fest at Back Forty!!

When my friend Wanyin sent a mass mail to everyone inviting us to this annual Crab fest hosted by this little cute restaurant in the Alphabet city called Back Forty, i was excited and was looking forward to it since then. Tickets were bought online on this website called Brown tickets at a particular time and you will be surprised it is really popular and difficult to get all of us sitting together.

The day came and we were all trying to get there a little earlier to see if they can do anything for us in regards of the seats but we all got caught in this sudden crazy downpour...that's new york for you and i was drenched despite carrying a huge green umbrella... fortunately, the host was real sweet and did manage to arrange for all 9 of us to be in the garden...so we treaded in the pools of rainwater in the garden but the smells of the fresh crabs which was also cooking in the same spot was too overwhelming that i did not care :P

We were served with corn bread and potatoes as well as green beans while pots of crabs were poured on the table lined with newspaper for our vast appetites.. No more talking and just eating was the rest of the night. However, after my maybe 10th crab, i was eaten alive by the just as hungry mosquitoes...feasting too on my bare legs... oh well.. we ended the night with some beer and a round of berry cobbler.. and most of all i enjoyed the company of my dear friends whom i have not seen in a while ...

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Modern Bar - MoMa

On Sunday, me and Joe in the midst of a rainy day went to the Musuem of Modern Art. The restaurant below called Modern was one of our all time favorites and have not been back since a year ago. Was a rather quiet night for them, we ordered 6 different appetizers appealing to our starving palate. The uni foam with poached egg, foie gra, and rabbit tagliatelle were rated in our opinion the best. We ended our night with a shared pistachio chocolate dome with ice-cream and headed to Toys r Rus for some scrabble :P

Taste Good !!! Indeed!!!

We met up with a bunch of friends last sat to try out this highly recommended malaysian restaurant called Taste Good. Rented our favorite zipcar, me, joe, yaoxian and carol trooped up there after work and met up with the rest. The restaurant was small and very 'local' like and crowded too. Seated after 15 minutes, we ordered almost 10 dishes. haha..very greedy. This is the first place we actually found the Singapore hokkien fried noodles and it was really excellent. However, there were a few other hot favorites which included the char kuey teow, fragarant spicy chicken (tasted like chicken coated with the nasi lemak chilli sauce and then fried), and mutton rendang. Yumm Yumm...nothing speaks louder than pictures so enjoy my friends and if you plan for a tasty adventure...welcome to Elmhurst!!!

Singapore Hokkien noodles                                                            my other greedy companion,
                                                                                                              Yaoxian :)

Monday, June 14, 2010

Double Take - Soba Totto and Yasuda Sushi

Right after my bf Joe had his CFA exam, we went for a celebration dinner at two of his favorite restaurants (unintended :P). We went to our usual hangout Soba Totto near Grand Central on 43rd Street and ordered a bunch of dishes like shark cartilage (which ended up being too sour with too much plum sauce) and the yummy steamed glutinous rice with chicken and deep fried shrimp ball topped with chilli sauce and of course not forgetting, the all time favorite chicken meatball on the skewer. 

Soba Totto : Deep fried shrimp paste with chilli sauce
However, we two carnivores were not satisfied and still hungry, we trotted across the street to Yasuda Sushi which is always fully booked and managed to get a table... hahaha, being super greedy, we each ordered two rounds of sushi each including giant clam (really really sweet) and uni as well as a whole variety of other fresh fish. Never a place of disappointment i must say and finally, we were stuffed to the max and had to roll our way home....happily...:)

Yasuda Sushi

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Latest Nylon Shoot/May 2010

This is the latest editorial i did with Colin my fabulous hairdresser... for Nylon Magazine Mexico. ok, perhaps not as flattering a look for me but i must say the photographer Alvin did a great job!!! hope you all like it!!! Its the 80s once again!!!!

Joe's Birthday 2010

Celebrating my bf Joe's birthday this year, i took him to this Scandanavian place called AQUAVIT in midtown. Clean and crisp surroundings, we were quietly seated in a corner. It was not a challenge to order since i knew exactly what i wanted. Truffle french fries and typical swedish meatballs. In fact, i wanted to see the difference between the meatballs here and the ones in Ikea..haha..of course, i enjoyed it as much as i would have in Ikea and had not much of a difference in my utility curve. Oh well, guess the truffle fries made up for it. Anyways, hope Joe enjoyed his birthday and the yummy blackforest cake i got from Ceci cela and happy birthday my love!!!


A Muslim Fashion Show : Zang Toi April 2010

In my career as a model, i have done a zillion shows but never for a Muslim related event. Interestingly, New York City has organized one for the First Lady of Malaysia who visited earlier and it was a show featuring a couple of designers including the famous Zang Toi. 

It turns out that even being all covered from head to toe, the girls looked amazing, in different colors that represent the Asian cultures. Guess i did not need say more as pictures would probably speak for itself so enjoy a piece of this backstage craziness :P

The Famous So Kong Dong Korean Tofu!!

One real cold saturday in May, my bf Joe decided to venture into Fort Lee New Jersey to visit the famous SO KONG DONG korean restaurant that we heard so much about from our friends or not... Got his two German friends Simon and Ellena (who never had korean food before), we had a scenic drive through George Washington Bridge and reaching our destination shortly. 

It was a real traditional looking place loaded with people and pots and pots of tofu and rice. While waiting, we were given the menu which had somewhat ten items and of nine were all tofu. We ordered all different variations of Soon Du Bul, the tofu stew that Koreans call it, and also the BBQ beef ribs which was the only carnivorous item on the list. 

The tofu was indeed smooth and silky and the stew stock was thick and tasty. My favorite was the beef ribs which was grilled to perfection and tender... i guess our German friends enjoyed their meal as much as i did but perhaps sweating a little more...:P

 Ellena and Simon

MoMo Deux's 1st birthday - 29 May 2009

It was MoMo Deux's first birthday on last sat and me and Joe, celebrated his birthday with a great spicy hotpot session with a friend Eong Tat. Of course, this has nothing to do with the kitty but i did attempt to put a birthday hat on him making him a little more 'special' or perhaps more uncomfortable...hahaha...nontheless, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMO and with lots of love from your dearest mummy and daddy!! yipeeeee!!!!