Wednesday, March 24, 2010

How much can i eat? Hongkong Trip / March 2010

on my way back to new york city, i decided to stop over at Hongkong so as to make my 'trip' a little shorter and less torturous... but of course, my real reason was my friends whom i have not seen in years since i left and the food and shopping and lights...
 me and my two gfs who decided to tag along at my favorite hangout Tsui Wah Cafe...oh that's Grace in the middle and miss Regina :P

our tour guide for the day Suwei who took us to outlet and dinner...she Miss Malaysia honored us with her special presence...haha..don't kill me miss martini...miss you tons you know :)

ok, this is what i really went to HK for...who can resist the famous and delicious roasted Goose in YUNG KEE??? hahah definitely not me! i did wish i could pack one and fly him to NYC for my bf and share the goodness...and fat of course!

finally, my friends, Iris, Kingchee and Nick who also lived there and were a big part of my life came to dinner too...was great seeing them even though on this sunday, we were all tired and lacked of zzzz....

ok, this might look weird but i just had to put up my HK french toast picture and for all who knows me, this i ate at every meal when i lived and that's why i have to share it with all of you ..

miss regina had a list of things she had to eat and this was one...the famous Crab under the bridge of Wanchai. When i used to go eat there, i was always half ass drunk and i did not know how yummy this crab, i was perfectly sober. as spicy the fried garlic was, this crab was worth the name and i will have it anyday!

   last but not least, i had to say good bye to the bustling city with a typical hk type breakfast at the airport...spam and egg instant noodles and yummy milk tea..nothing beats the food in hk but no worries...i will be back soon!! right girls??haha


my recent trip home was an awesome trip, besides the grueling flight of course.being ambitious and trying to meet up with as many people, i was burnt out in that two weeks..but a good burnt out.:P

above is a happy family picture of me, my brother (as u can guess which one) spending a night at my beloved nanny's place where she cooked a feast and it has been years since i tasted her goodness.

i met up with my dear friends from or sorta from the fashion world is my famous hairdresser dexter and funny nick and of cos not forgetting ms stella...hanging out at the new gelato place at Ion mall in Orchard the world has changed...

and here is a really scary picture of me at Lau Pat Sat food center where me and only 3 other gfs sat and ate up all 10 plates of different

the boys whom i hung out with all the time many moons a bunch of working crowd who not only still hangs out but yet in the same working area having lunch together...buddies will be buddies forever...

 me and my cute but very tall brother hanging out and dancing the night away at Butter was awesome!!!

me and my long grown up taller and darker and me...go go go it out boys!!love you all!

and these are my uncles and of course my daddy!!

what's the king of the fruit of all times?hahah i had some serious durian eating at Geylang fruit stall with dear Jane, one good friend i had known in NYC!

wonder if i ever had a lookalike?here she cute as a button sister who has grown up to be a beauty but errr...we still don't look!

finally, i think i should put up a family picture of my ever dear granny who's turning 93 and my mummy and daddy who will keep smiling!!! cheers!

if anyone ever goes to singapore, please do just bring tees and shorts and flip flops...but a light sweater as the AC there is insane..and also, alot of tissue paper will definitely come in handy! 
Singapura, Oh Singapura!!!