Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Project Runway S6 Luncheon with Tim and Nina in NYC!!

So there we all or most of us were...free ride in black cars to the famous Hearst Building on 58th street for a special luncheon with Tim Gunn and Nina Garcia and their fans... met the rest of the crew in the green room and it was actually the first time we all gathered to eat and socialise..yippeee!!!Everyone looked nice and later was taken into the real lunch room to meet the fans of Project Runway who were there for many different reasons ...by sweepstakes?how nice..Took many pictures with everyone and we we sat down and had a great lunch talking or maybe bitching about filming and all that went on in the show..haha

here are some pictures and for those who were not there like Katie and Tara and Kojii...i miss you guys!!!!

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