Monday, November 30, 2009


Can't even remember what day it is and i am glad i kept this diary even though these might be the few pages left to write...

Today is real fun day. For the first time, i slept in till 10.40am and was nice and fresh. Tanned a little on the deck and got myself ready for a little shopping trip with the girls, filmed of course till noon. They drove us to Melrose Ave,, and we were filmed in two vintage stores called Wasteland and Slow. Nice stuff but quite expensive. So i did not get anything..haha.. Then me and Kojii escaped somehow and walked down and stepped into a few stores quickly and ended up in this one where i got a pair of grey jeans. Love it and got a purple skull scarf. Left Kojii to try on stuff while i walked more and landed on a cute Japanese one. They had not so much stuff but nice pieces and everything was half off which was the best part. Bought a belt, a necklace and a dress and a grey sweater with two pom poms and i loved everything. After blowing my paycheck, i walked into a brand new yogurt store (which was not even named yet but will be called Cold Buzz), and had a delicious yogurt with chocolate chips, granola and pomegranate. Went back to Kojii and was glad she bought a ton of good stuff too with her friend that joined her...Jamie was her name.

Dropped by Coffee Bean, i grabbed a latte and we headed back 'home' or where we call home. Super hot outside today but i loved it..did my laundry back at the loft and went for a fitting around 7pm.Long ass one since we had a consultation with Loreal individually and had one eye done. The theme for Challenge 6 was 'Movie Character'. I belonged to Sci fi and my outfit was based on a frozen ice queen. Kinda cool with a white gown with silver trimmings and a big collar (not done yet) an cuffs. Was fun and cannot wait to see everyones. Logan (Kojii) are making a full on leather outfit while Ramon (Vanessa) is making a green scaly jumpsuit and Carolhannah (Lisa) is making an assassin outfit. 

How fun it is to play as a movie my fun night ended once again chowing down instant noodles while the girls watched "Sex in the City" on our dinosaur television..

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