Monday, November 30, 2009


Announcing the 6th challenge of PR!!! went into FITM as usual and my dress was completed. Helped Nicolas cut some silver lace trimmings while he stitched on. went for hair first and seriously, this has been the craziest hairdo ever. So i am officially the ice queen who got locked up and frozen by her evil twin sisters and to create this look, George the hairdresser sprayed dry shampoo to whiten my hair then used sugar and warm water to make a paste and drip it all over my head and we wait for it to crystallize. Oh man, it was kind of gross already when it drips and all the sugar was on me too and that's not the end. My makeup was silver and blue and i had glitter sprinkled literally from head to toe. I was really uncomfortable and when i put the dress on, i could walk but the collar made up of 'horse  hair' and trimmings scratched the shit out of me and i could not move. 

Went to runway, i was quieter than usual and they put even more sugar on my hair. I meant, they dipped it in the cup of paste. So disgusting!!! But it did work after it hardened, it did look like i had icicles on me. Quite cool i must admit. Did our thing and omg, Nic and i were chosen again to be top and bottom. Pretty scary to be on the stage twice in a row and the others included Matar/Epperson, Gordana/Tara, Louise/Fatma, Christopher/Katie and Ramon/Vanessa. Stood on the runway till i almost passed out, Nic asked me if i was nervous...i said "dont be" since i had faith in him and i really wasn't nervous. So it ended up that Epperson, Christopher and Nic were the top 3 and they loved how real my outfit looked and that it could be really used in the movies. Funny thing when they asked about the hem of the dress, he told them that i said it was too long and Heidi hated us picking up our skirts and that i wanted to play with my wrap and not worry about tripping and thus, he chopped the bottom off a little..

Anyways, went back to the green room and got interviewed. Heidi sent us cupcakes today and shortly, we realised that Nicolas won and Ramon was out with his metallic green leather alien outfit. I was really excited and happy for him as he really pulled himself together finally...but still, he needs to buck up.

Ramon said his goodbyes to us and i went into the designers room next door for the first time! yippeeee!! Glad our hard work paid off but when Nic said he did not wanna lie on stage about the hem, Epperson shook his head and i knew he was unhappy about the Johnny issue and blah blah...oh well, things are heating up. 

Begged to wash my hair out and it was our dooms time again. Rooted on the runway, dear Heidi announced that this time, all designers have to change models. We almost stopped breathing. Shit. Kalyn was the first to leave and there goes my immunity round with Nicolas. Damn it. Luckily enough, Christopher picked me and i knew since my body type was sort of like Katie's. In the end, it was poor Fatma who had to go. She was happy since she had so much drama here and i bet the other girls were happy too.However, it wasn't fair since Louis was the last designer to pick and Fatma was working with her before so she had no choice. Sadly, but i was relieved since i was closer to Kojii. The day finally ended with the same protocol...say bye to Fatma and crashed on my nearly crashing Ikea bed...


Can't even remember what day it is and i am glad i kept this diary even though these might be the few pages left to write...

Today is real fun day. For the first time, i slept in till 10.40am and was nice and fresh. Tanned a little on the deck and got myself ready for a little shopping trip with the girls, filmed of course till noon. They drove us to Melrose Ave,, and we were filmed in two vintage stores called Wasteland and Slow. Nice stuff but quite expensive. So i did not get anything..haha.. Then me and Kojii escaped somehow and walked down and stepped into a few stores quickly and ended up in this one where i got a pair of grey jeans. Love it and got a purple skull scarf. Left Kojii to try on stuff while i walked more and landed on a cute Japanese one. They had not so much stuff but nice pieces and everything was half off which was the best part. Bought a belt, a necklace and a dress and a grey sweater with two pom poms and i loved everything. After blowing my paycheck, i walked into a brand new yogurt store (which was not even named yet but will be called Cold Buzz), and had a delicious yogurt with chocolate chips, granola and pomegranate. Went back to Kojii and was glad she bought a ton of good stuff too with her friend that joined her...Jamie was her name.

Dropped by Coffee Bean, i grabbed a latte and we headed back 'home' or where we call home. Super hot outside today but i loved it..did my laundry back at the loft and went for a fitting around 7pm.Long ass one since we had a consultation with Loreal individually and had one eye done. The theme for Challenge 6 was 'Movie Character'. I belonged to Sci fi and my outfit was based on a frozen ice queen. Kinda cool with a white gown with silver trimmings and a big collar (not done yet) an cuffs. Was fun and cannot wait to see everyones. Logan (Kojii) are making a full on leather outfit while Ramon (Vanessa) is making a green scaly jumpsuit and Carolhannah (Lisa) is making an assassin outfit. 

How fun it is to play as a movie my fun night ended once again chowing down instant noodles while the girls watched "Sex in the City" on our dinosaur television..

New Addition to my Happy Family!

Congrats to my little ragdoll and joe (my bf) decided to get a new friend for MoMo-Deux and here we are...its our little one called ToTo for now...he is a flamepoint Bicolor ragdoll which is exactly the same breed and pattern as MoMo but he has an orange tint on his white fur. Here are some adorable pictures of my new little baby...enjoy!!!

the proud daddy!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Project Runway S6 Luncheon with Tim and Nina in NYC!!

So there we all or most of us ride in black cars to the famous Hearst Building on 58th street for a special luncheon with Tim Gunn and Nina Garcia and their fans... met the rest of the crew in the green room and it was actually the first time we all gathered to eat and socialise..yippeee!!!Everyone looked nice and later was taken into the real lunch room to meet the fans of Project Runway who were there for many different reasons sweepstakes?how nice..Took many pictures with everyone and we we sat down and had a great lunch talking or maybe bitching about filming and all that went on in the show..haha

here are some pictures and for those who were not there like Katie and Tara and Kojii...i miss you guys!!!!


DAY 15:

Today is the 5th challenge for Project Runway and its wearable clothes made from newspaper. Was a little surprised as the dress from Nicolas was different from last night.It had two shoulder straps which were spikes and he wanted a punk look and added some necklaces and bangles to the dress. So naturally my makeup was punk and hair was hair  extensions on the right and braided on the left. Kind of cool though. I like it...  But you know, the minute we got stitched and taped into our dresses, we could not sit nor bend nor drink nor go to the bathroom. Was torturous and this went on till almost 7pm.Did our runway stuff and the only nice thing was my cutie boy Lalo drove us and was backstage helping us up and down the stairs and taking my shoes on and off. He's very sweet and considerate and was always looking out for us..haha.. Also, he is one quarter Filipino...sooo cute...

Later of course, Nic and me, Christopher and Katie, Tara and Gordano and Johnny and Emarie and Kalyn and Irina and Tanisha and Althea were on stage. So there was evaluation and when it came to  Johnny, Nic kept saying that Johnny's first outfit that was destroyed by the steamer was not like anything like Dior. But more like a red mess and that Tim said it was like bird origami attacking the dress. Johnny was mad pissed and was all sarcastic too. I thought it wasn't cool either and was a little disappointed in him. Anyways, went to an interview again then had dinner. Was absolutely glad i could take my dress off and actually be myself again..whew...Also, Ebony told me why she went nuts this morning at the lobby out of the blue. Apparently, Vanessa overheard last night that Matar and Fatma were talking about Americans and their countries and whatever and it went on to Ebony's ears so she kinda flipped. I told her to chill and just filter out and just bear with it since drama is just what they want from us..hope she gets it..
Watched the designer elimination in the green room and poor Johnny was cut. Sucks. We all liked him. Irina was the winner in this challenge and Nic was safe for now. But i got a feeling he will be next and me too..Johnny came in to say goodbye and we all ended up sobbing and he did too. It was such a solemn day today and i hate it. Sat still till it was our turn for elimination. went on the runway in our slips and i was lucky. Nicolas stuck with me and so did everyone it was Emarie who got eliminated. We were balling like shit this time and after our hugs, we all just sat there and it was quiet...for once, there wasn't a need for any crew to put us 'on ice'.
The night ended as usual. Emarie packed while i finished the remaining ice cream and chatted with Kojii in the living room. Think i should pack a little tomorrow. Sometime this week i will be out...hmm..