Monday, October 19, 2009


DAY 14:

I love today. Finally we get to sleep in till 9.30am which i really did till the last minute. Then the producers allowed me, Kojii, Emarie and Ebony to go shopping for 2 hours since the rest are going to Yogurtland and getting filmed. Woohoo!!!.. so the girls took me to Santee Street. It's an alley with small cheap stores. We only had time to go to 2 stores and guess what, i still managed to spend a good $300 !! But was worth it since the styles were more interesting and i liked every piece alot. Ran back to the loft and our 'surprise visitor' came at 2pm which was Zoe, the stylist and judge for Marie Claire Magazine. She came to tell us that the winning 3 models for the next challenge will get to be in the Spring spread in the magazine. After, we had another 'surprise' from Loreal. We got a basket of products mainly foundation and lip stuff and i took a couple for my friends back in NYC..went back to the terrace to sunbathe and realised how much i loved being by myself listening to my nano and enjoying the sun and peace. 

At 5.30pm, we put on our last challenge outfit and headed to the Elevate Lounge for our industry party. Nice view and bar but unfortunately, only like 10 people turned up. How pathetic. We walked around the tables and the designer from Ed Hardy met all of us and took our information for his coming shows at LA fashion week. And he also gave us quite cool for me, i just stuffed my face with the food. LOL

The party ended at 8pm and we headed back to our fitting for our fifth challenge. Guess what? This time we are wearing newspaper!!! OMG what is that?all the designers did the arts and crafts pretty impressively.  I am wearing a knee length strapless dress with red/blue stripes and a piece on my right shoulder inspired by punk rock in the East Village in NYC. hmm will see more detail when it's done tomorrow. 

Okeedokee, time to go to bed again..Long ass day tomorrow...night night to myself!!zzzzzz

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