Monday, October 19, 2009


DAY 13:

Was tossing and turning the whole night worrying about my outfit but when i went into the work lab today, it looked much better. Especially after i put it on, i was well defined at my waist, but on the side, the grey trims from my collar and arms were not perfectly fitted. However, i was happy it turned out well and at least the back was sexy and low and the fabric was comfortable. 

Had a quick express trim on my messy hair and was left it as that and had clean makeup with just liquid eyeliner, lashes and my usual Chanel red lips. Wasn't as confident about my dress since everyone kept commenting 'Egytian' and the front seam split and even the 5minute fixing did not help the fit on my side. Anyhoos, we did our runway rounds and in the end, Logan (Kojii), Qristal (Valerie), and Johnny (Emarie), were the bottom few and Carolhanna (Lisa), Epperson (Matar), and Althea (Tanisha) were the top 3. Logan's dress was very Kojii like with the lace and tulle but wasn't really his style so the judges were really hard on him. Then i left for an interview so i did not have a clue as to what happened after. Thank goodness Nicolas was safe otherwise i will be feeling so guilty. 

After everything, Tanisha's outfit won and i was upset cause that was exactly what i wanted initially. Little blazer and all but its alright..another time.. Emarie had a bad time when they said she looked 32, and bridesmaid and she was mad pissed. From loving her outfit, she lost her confidence totally and said she refused to wear it tomorrow for the party. But hmm... how would the designers feel about that?Especially after all that work. Oh well, afterall our job as models is just to wear whatever we are given no?

Poor Tara, had our little run with Heidi and Heidi commented on her walk saying that she had to step it up and she was kinda upset. i feel bad and she is really sweet and her walk seems fine!

Today, we wrote Nina one of the PA crew a birthday card i got...the actual day is tomorrow. and my cute eye candy Lalo is off...damn it!

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