Monday, October 5, 2009


DAY 10:

Today was fun. two fittings and an interview. went for our first fitting today and was excited when i found out that it was a team challenge. my partner in crime was Tara and the designers were Nicholas and Gordana. great team since they have good chemistry and good personalities plus visions. i was the avant garde girl while Tara would be the beach girl. The team was supposedly beach inspired by outfit was created with silver grey lace and has gradual change in color from white to blue at the bottom. also, i was meant to have a big white collar crinkled and a short mini skirt with lace wrapped around my boots. well the piece was not near completion but i could see it...

later at night, i made risotto out of boredom for everyone and went for the second fitting. Nicholas took some measurements and fitted the top on me. i had absolute faith in him and Gordana and we promised to rock it out!!yay!!!think Nic works out better for me than Irina and Kalyn works better for Irina's clothing too. oh well, and before i head to lalaland, back to my 2nd interrogation in the little room on the 9th floor and thank goodness, i was not asked funny questions about the drama in the house..whew..heehee ... but when i was rolling around in bed with my music on, i heard loud noises downstairs and wondered what the hell was going on. realised it was Fatma and Vanessa trying to sort things out. Fatma apologised but still not everything was nice. hmmm...i am glad i am on the top floor...

ps:guess what..cannot believe Vanessa and Fatma are partners for this coming challenge!! 

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