Monday, October 12, 2009

Diary of MOTR: Day 11/25 Sept 2008

Day 11:

Aww...another runway day. Not enough sleep so i obviously started off my day with more caffeine. Went back to the gas building and got my hair and makeup done. Really cool look today. Had my day pulled back with hair pieces with a bun and bangs and had purplish silver blue makeup and since i was wearing lace, the makeup artist hand drew pale blue lacelike flowers on the sides of my eyes to my hairline.

And so it goes faster today. Did our walks as usual and waited for the results. Apparently, since it was a team project, they chose two high score teams and two low score teams. Guess wat, to my surprise, our team was in the low score group. Sucks man. Raemon and Mitchell and Irina and Johnny were in the high score and in the end, Raemon won with his last minute green foamy dress!! Unfortunately, Mitchell admitted he did not contribute to anything so he was sent home. Think he expected i too.Afterall, he really did not progress after given so many chances.

Anyways, while my two designers Nicolas and Gordana stood on stage with the other losing team Qristal and Epperson, the rest of us were pretty cool but nervous. The judges evaluated the other party first and before they could even speak, Qristal went on and on shooting Epperson down by saying he was not a team player and making her feel like she's not good enough for him. Poor Epperson was sick too, losing his voice, and trying to defend himself but rather they both staged a vocal war on stage. Even the judges shook their heads and said their bad cooperation showed in their work. Poor things but it was worst for us. We stood there for almost an hour through both evaluations which made my toes numb and i almost fell over. Soon, it was our turn. The judges did not like the white pants on Tara but appreciated the top and saw a little vision and concept on mine even though they thought it was a little like prostitute and only reminded Heidi of pretty woman . Actually i thought it was really funny. I still loved my outfit regardless and thought it was cool so i did not mind. Afterall it was meant to be Avant Garde. Finally, it was our elimination. Best way to end our day isn't it?Black slips and no shoes, we stood on the runway again. Of course, i was not the first one but was grateful was not the last either. Iwas in the middle.Whew. Nicolas was funny...he said 'Celine, if i promise not to make you a crotchless outfit, would you be my model again?"Of course, i was happy to be in the loop and i loved him so it was great. However, it was Erica Milde who had to go..So sad..she has always been the last three off stage. I was sad and sheded some tears again.. cannot help it. She was mellow but interesting, doing marathons and styling. We sent her off from the apartment and tonight, Vanessa came up to spend the night at our floor, and Fatma still keeping a low profile... and Katie is getting sick and Matar too.

ps: got home and Stephanie the producer briefed us on our activities for tomorrow. Firstly, the challenge is gonna be that we are the clients of the designers and we get to choose them too. haha...and Heidi is gonna come visit us at our loft and on Sunday, we are attending some industry party..hmm..

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