Monday, October 19, 2009

Burlington Coat Factory Commercial 2009

 hey hey...this is my Burlington Coat factory commercials part 1 and part 2 for fall 2009. check it out..pretty looking like an idiot jumping around...:P
ps:copy and paste should work?


DAY 14:

I love today. Finally we get to sleep in till 9.30am which i really did till the last minute. Then the producers allowed me, Kojii, Emarie and Ebony to go shopping for 2 hours since the rest are going to Yogurtland and getting filmed. Woohoo!!!.. so the girls took me to Santee Street. It's an alley with small cheap stores. We only had time to go to 2 stores and guess what, i still managed to spend a good $300 !! But was worth it since the styles were more interesting and i liked every piece alot. Ran back to the loft and our 'surprise visitor' came at 2pm which was Zoe, the stylist and judge for Marie Claire Magazine. She came to tell us that the winning 3 models for the next challenge will get to be in the Spring spread in the magazine. After, we had another 'surprise' from Loreal. We got a basket of products mainly foundation and lip stuff and i took a couple for my friends back in NYC..went back to the terrace to sunbathe and realised how much i loved being by myself listening to my nano and enjoying the sun and peace. 

At 5.30pm, we put on our last challenge outfit and headed to the Elevate Lounge for our industry party. Nice view and bar but unfortunately, only like 10 people turned up. How pathetic. We walked around the tables and the designer from Ed Hardy met all of us and took our information for his coming shows at LA fashion week. And he also gave us quite cool for me, i just stuffed my face with the food. LOL

The party ended at 8pm and we headed back to our fitting for our fifth challenge. Guess what? This time we are wearing newspaper!!! OMG what is that?all the designers did the arts and crafts pretty impressively.  I am wearing a knee length strapless dress with red/blue stripes and a piece on my right shoulder inspired by punk rock in the East Village in NYC. hmm will see more detail when it's done tomorrow. 

Okeedokee, time to go to bed again..Long ass day tomorrow...night night to myself!!zzzzzz


DAY 13:

Was tossing and turning the whole night worrying about my outfit but when i went into the work lab today, it looked much better. Especially after i put it on, i was well defined at my waist, but on the side, the grey trims from my collar and arms were not perfectly fitted. However, i was happy it turned out well and at least the back was sexy and low and the fabric was comfortable. 

Had a quick express trim on my messy hair and was left it as that and had clean makeup with just liquid eyeliner, lashes and my usual Chanel red lips. Wasn't as confident about my dress since everyone kept commenting 'Egytian' and the front seam split and even the 5minute fixing did not help the fit on my side. Anyhoos, we did our runway rounds and in the end, Logan (Kojii), Qristal (Valerie), and Johnny (Emarie), were the bottom few and Carolhanna (Lisa), Epperson (Matar), and Althea (Tanisha) were the top 3. Logan's dress was very Kojii like with the lace and tulle but wasn't really his style so the judges were really hard on him. Then i left for an interview so i did not have a clue as to what happened after. Thank goodness Nicolas was safe otherwise i will be feeling so guilty. 

After everything, Tanisha's outfit won and i was upset cause that was exactly what i wanted initially. Little blazer and all but its alright..another time.. Emarie had a bad time when they said she looked 32, and bridesmaid and she was mad pissed. From loving her outfit, she lost her confidence totally and said she refused to wear it tomorrow for the party. But hmm... how would the designers feel about that?Especially after all that work. Oh well, afterall our job as models is just to wear whatever we are given no?

Poor Tara, had our little run with Heidi and Heidi commented on her walk saying that she had to step it up and she was kinda upset. i feel bad and she is really sweet and her walk seems fine!

Today, we wrote Nina one of the PA crew a birthday card i got...the actual day is tomorrow. and my cute eye candy Lalo is off...damn it!


DAY 12: 

Went back to the designers' lab early this morning and surprised the designers since they did not know we were coming. They were so in shock when they found out that we were going to pick them. I was the second last with Matar (so was Nicolas and Epperson left) and when it was my turn, i cracked a joke and said 'haha, are you guys shitting in your pants yet?'..and i picked Nicolas. Anyways, i wanted a cool Yves Saint Laurent kind of pants suit but i thought it might be too much and covered up. Thus, i opted for a tuxedo looking dress with a high collar and backless with a pencil shaped fitted skirt and maybe a nice black lace as a tie, or a mandarin collar. Told him my idea and wanted it white too. So we decided on white with grey trimmings..a little nervous this time since it can really screw up with white fabric an this is a big factor determining his fate...

In the afternoon, we headed back to the loft, and had some chinese takeout for lunch and soon enough, Heidi came over. We chatted for a while and after, me and Kojii went to HSBC and Starbucks on Figeroa and 7th street but was followed and filmed all the way and was not fun. What can we do?hmm...Checked in the fitting again at 7pm and i was a little shocked.My collar was grey pieces weaved and the material was satin.Was quite nice in the back with a pleated skirt but i could ideally be longer and the collar be more masculine, like a real men's collar. But guess the store they went to today was three quarters smaller and he had no choice and weaving was part of his style. Just afraid that there was no definition to my waist and with the thickness of the fabric, my hips is going to look humongous. Scary indeed. No choice now. Just got to wish and pray for tomorrow. Looked across the room and think in general, everyone's dress looks great in color and style but think i should have stuck with a pant suit. Then again, there is not much time to make a three piece outfit. Actually, this outfit of mine does look a little cheongsam but yet sexy and hope the judges don't beat it down thinking that it is too conservative...


Singapore TODAY newspaper did a short writeup on me last week and was published today!! another same story of my life that everyone has read a zillion times but here it is..err at least it's a different photo!


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Singaporean model Celine puts her best face forward on Project Runway
By May Seah, TODAY | Posted: 19 October 2009 1456 hrs

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Singaporean model Celine Chua

SINGAPORE: Project Runway is all about the aspiring designers, but you might say that the models are the unsung heroes, too. Just talk to Singaporean model Celine Chua after a day of being glued into an outfit on the set of the hit reality competition show.

Celine is currently one of the models parading the designers' outfits down the Project Runway catwalk, nearly nine years after she started her modelling career.

In her last year of university, she took part in the prestigious modelling competition Elite Model Look International held here, and after graduating, lived and worked in Hong Kong.

While visiting New York, she hooked up with an agency and managed to pay for her visa, "so here I am on a super-extended vacation!" said the 29-year-old, who has done work for Chanel, Fendi and Gucci.

After being sent by the agency to a general casting and then doing a filmed interview, she found herself cast in Project Runway. "The toughest and best part is to live with 15 girls when you can barely remember their names!" she told TODAY.

Yes, but what's supermodel host Heidi Klum really like? "Heidi is a wonderful, sweet and funny character."

Okay, so we couldn't get any dirt on Heidi out of Celine, but one thing's for sure: The fashion industry is definitely not all sequins and feathers and glamour.

"It's way harder and more challenging for the designers, but models have a difficult job, especially when you get pinned or sewn in and have to stand for hours, or don't get to eat or even go to the bathroom," Celine said.

"Sometimes when we get sewn or glued in, our outfits get messed up before filming the runway walk. Nothing crazy goes on like people killing one another, but of course with a little tension and stress, people tend to not necessarily get along with each other!"

Sounds fierce - literally - but this fashionista, who describes her personal style as "boyish and grungy", isn't limiting herself to modelling.

"I did dabble in a little creative design before this even started," she said. "I designed own jewellery and sold it at a little store in New York; now, I'm starting a line of self-embellished T-shirts and canvas bags."

You go, girl! Singapore is proud that you're making it work.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Diary of MOTR: Day 11/25 Sept 2008

Day 11:

Aww...another runway day. Not enough sleep so i obviously started off my day with more caffeine. Went back to the gas building and got my hair and makeup done. Really cool look today. Had my day pulled back with hair pieces with a bun and bangs and had purplish silver blue makeup and since i was wearing lace, the makeup artist hand drew pale blue lacelike flowers on the sides of my eyes to my hairline.

And so it goes faster today. Did our walks as usual and waited for the results. Apparently, since it was a team project, they chose two high score teams and two low score teams. Guess wat, to my surprise, our team was in the low score group. Sucks man. Raemon and Mitchell and Irina and Johnny were in the high score and in the end, Raemon won with his last minute green foamy dress!! Unfortunately, Mitchell admitted he did not contribute to anything so he was sent home. Think he expected i too.Afterall, he really did not progress after given so many chances.

Anyways, while my two designers Nicolas and Gordana stood on stage with the other losing team Qristal and Epperson, the rest of us were pretty cool but nervous. The judges evaluated the other party first and before they could even speak, Qristal went on and on shooting Epperson down by saying he was not a team player and making her feel like she's not good enough for him. Poor Epperson was sick too, losing his voice, and trying to defend himself but rather they both staged a vocal war on stage. Even the judges shook their heads and said their bad cooperation showed in their work. Poor things but it was worst for us. We stood there for almost an hour through both evaluations which made my toes numb and i almost fell over. Soon, it was our turn. The judges did not like the white pants on Tara but appreciated the top and saw a little vision and concept on mine even though they thought it was a little like prostitute and only reminded Heidi of pretty woman . Actually i thought it was really funny. I still loved my outfit regardless and thought it was cool so i did not mind. Afterall it was meant to be Avant Garde. Finally, it was our elimination. Best way to end our day isn't it?Black slips and no shoes, we stood on the runway again. Of course, i was not the first one but was grateful was not the last either. Iwas in the middle.Whew. Nicolas was funny...he said 'Celine, if i promise not to make you a crotchless outfit, would you be my model again?"Of course, i was happy to be in the loop and i loved him so it was great. However, it was Erica Milde who had to go..So sad..she has always been the last three off stage. I was sad and sheded some tears again.. cannot help it. She was mellow but interesting, doing marathons and styling. We sent her off from the apartment and tonight, Vanessa came up to spend the night at our floor, and Fatma still keeping a low profile... and Katie is getting sick and Matar too.

ps: got home and Stephanie the producer briefed us on our activities for tomorrow. Firstly, the challenge is gonna be that we are the clients of the designers and we get to choose them too. haha...and Heidi is gonna come visit us at our loft and on Sunday, we are attending some industry party..hmm..

Models of the Runway - Celine's Video Blog Episode 6/ Designer Epperson and Christopher/Challenge: Macy's Challenge

Models of the Runway - Celine's Video Blog Episode 6/ Designer Nicolas/Challenge: Movie Genre

Models of the Runway - Celine's Video Blog Episode 5/ Nicholas /NewsPaper Challenge

Models of the Runway - Celine's Video Blog Episode 4/ Nicholas /Models as Clients

Monday, October 5, 2009


DAY 10:

Today was fun. two fittings and an interview. went for our first fitting today and was excited when i found out that it was a team challenge. my partner in crime was Tara and the designers were Nicholas and Gordana. great team since they have good chemistry and good personalities plus visions. i was the avant garde girl while Tara would be the beach girl. The team was supposedly beach inspired by outfit was created with silver grey lace and has gradual change in color from white to blue at the bottom. also, i was meant to have a big white collar crinkled and a short mini skirt with lace wrapped around my boots. well the piece was not near completion but i could see it...

later at night, i made risotto out of boredom for everyone and went for the second fitting. Nicholas took some measurements and fitted the top on me. i had absolute faith in him and Gordana and we promised to rock it out!!yay!!!think Nic works out better for me than Irina and Kalyn works better for Irina's clothing too. oh well, and before i head to lalaland, back to my 2nd interrogation in the little room on the 9th floor and thank goodness, i was not asked funny questions about the drama in the house..whew..heehee ... but when i was rolling around in bed with my music on, i heard loud noises downstairs and wondered what the hell was going on. realised it was Fatma and Vanessa trying to sort things out. Fatma apologised but still not everything was nice. hmmm...i am glad i am on the top floor...

ps:guess what..cannot believe Vanessa and Fatma are partners for this coming challenge!! 


DAY 9: 

was gonna sun bathe on the terrace and walked right into Fatma and Stephanie (producer) was in a damn serious conversation.Stepped back quietly into my little corner, i knew more drama was brewing.oops.

so the drama was between Fatma and Vanessa when last night in the green room, Fatma was kind of so pissed off since she got stolen from Logan that some words did not come out right and it sounded like she was threatening Vanessa. 

later in the afternoon, we took a stroll to Starbucks..i organised it of course and also it was Katie's birthday today so it would be nice to get out for a little bit. had my usual caramel macchiato and it was so nice sitting in the sun and be normal again. 

Kojii and Fatma went for a casting which the producers allowed only if Kojii spoke about the drama. what's new?haha they like to blow things up. at the end of the night, me and Kojii chatted a while and since we were the most neutral ones, we decided not to take sides. night night....