Sunday, September 27, 2009


DAY 3/17 SEPT 2008

today was a little more eventful. Hung out in the terrace and got a tan with Yosuzi.then was caught to go to a production interview and all those questions again. then finally, another surprise and whoo yooo...yet another basket. this time it was filled with muffins and a list of us with names of the designers whom we are paired with. Mine was a gorgeous lady called Irina. Later in the evening, we were taken to the fashion institute and gave the designers a surprise visit. it was funny since they did not know us but our looks and measurements.we had to look for them and i was standing there clueless while Irina came up to me and 'celine?' so apparently, shes also from NYC too which is cool and she had this pretty nude laced gown with a velvet ribbon belt waiting for me. i put it on and it fit amazing..Low V neck and it was so me...loved the dress, her attitude and all. we also had the same nail polish and it was great to meet someone laid back and nice. the challenge was RED CARPET and everyone was excited. was crazy that they did not feed us and just when we were about to go on a silent protest. we were finally chewing at 10pm...

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