Wednesday, September 30, 2009



our second challenge on Project Runway today. Another 13 hour day. damn it . did my hair and makeup which was nice..had smoky teal and silver eye shadow and raspberry lips with hair extensions that created a soft side chignon. however, we had to wear that belly along with our dress all day long which annoyed the crap out of me. 

we only had one run through then waited to be filmed. at least, i did not have the slightest trouble with my cute dress. was smooth till 6 of us got called up to stage for the best and worst again. this time it was Kalyn, Matar, Tanisha, Vanessa, Valerie and Lisa. At the very end, Matar's designer Shirin won the challenge and unfortunately, Malvin (the only Asian designer) was out. He was Valerie's designer with the mother and egg concept. we all screamed 'no' in shock in the green room and could not figure out a reason why Mitchell was still here after two bad outfits. he made a cream tight top and shorts which showed his pathetic sewing skills and sloppiness. cannot believe he got to stay one more round. 

so then, now its our turn for elimination. put on our black slips and stood on stage in a neat row again. Shirin, the winning designer of course chose first, and she gave Matar up and chose Ebony whom previously was her model. Then my turn for doom came quick. Irina was so excited when she was called out and of course, as expected, she gave me up. i understood and was not at all surprised. after all being an Asian i did not represent the market here in the United States, and as a designer, she had the right to choose different looks and body type to show her versability.  Stood there numb and freezing (why do they always put it like so low till it feels like ice cube??), in no time, Nicholas actually chose me saying 'since my model is taken, i will take Celine when she is still available. it was undoubtedly a relief and i was quite excited to work with someone new too. went back to the green stressful when the door opens each time.. you wonder who survived. finally, Valerie was the last to come in which means she was out. She said her goodbyes and Vanessa and Katie, Tara and me were crying our eyeballs out. was insane. never thought i will feel this emotional. i like everyone in the apartment and after Yosuzi left, it's really hard to detach from these girls. Oh man and Fatma added to the tension as she bitched about how pissed with not working with Logan next round. i can tell that everyone seems to be annoyed with Fatma..Funny thing is that last night when the girls went out, Kat the producer asked if they are in groups, they said its getting there except Celine who's so neutral like being Canada. haha thought this was rather funny.

The dreadful night ended us back in the loft at 10pm eating leftovers and me eating instant noodles while poor Valerie packed and rolled her stuff out, sticking her last words and information  on the board of eliminated members...hate it hate it hate it!!!

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