Wednesday, September 30, 2009


DAY 7:

Early this morning, we arrived at the gas building again to do a fitting for the designers for our second challenge. This time, the theme was 'Pregnant Chic".. yea , so unfortunately and unglamourously, we were strapped on with synthetic bellies and my outfit was pretty. Turquoise empire waist knee length dress and had a cool flower thing on my right side made from pieces of chiffon. was weird having a  belly though. cant even imagine being pregnant. 
Anyhoos, went back to the apartment and chatted on the phone with mr alex koh and joyce. really great to hear familiar voices without being taped. tried to grab a cup of coffee but both Starbucks and Coffee Bean was already closed. Staying downtown really sucks.. oh yeah, Kojii's family and her adorable daughter Croi came by for a visit...with doggie Juno who was bouncing around. Also, Ebony's parents and boyfriend came by too. reminds of people visiting the boys in the military back home..just a more BITCHY version under this

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