Wednesday, September 30, 2009


DAY 6: 

today was kinda fun. went back to the studio and had to do 2 things. one was for the main title and one was for the promotional side for Lifetime. so i started off with the main title which was filmed with us saying all these ridiculous lines like 'i am so hot' or ' i'm in and you r out' embarrassing. later we did our still shots and were shuttled to the other side for lunch. the catering van was probably the highlight of the day and had lobster tails...yummm..was the best food so far. 
after filling our stomachs, we proceeded to do the promo shoot. this hairdresser doing our hair was rather cute. french..hmmm that's why..haha. called Christian. anyways, had to film weird stuff again with funny questions like 'Do your parents know and how do they feel about you being on the show?'..well as usual i gave very politically correct answers but really, my parents did not know what the heck i was doing...
headed back to the loft and was told that we get to go out till 11pm. everyone visible just ran out but i did not have anywhere to go so i stayed home, did some dishes but decided to just step out for a stroll...Nina from the production crew chaperoned me about 10 blocks and we came back and stayed in her car to chat. how funny was it when we bitched about people being the biggest nuisance..and guess who was getting on my nerves?it was the red head Erica. of course, i also got to know ms Nina better, about her work and love and all..such a cool girl..think her love interest was sorta some guy in Earl..  

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