Monday, September 28, 2009


DAY 5: 19 SEPT 08

Thank God for this mellow day.woke up suffering from sore legs and shoulders from last night.Didn't even make it to the 9am Boot Camp yoga class..oh well...but did not sleep in either since everyone else was up. laid in the sun and enjoyed my nano for an hour and when the boot camp crew was back, Kat the producer let me go from 12 - 3pm to meet Laurie..that was the best news ever so i ran into the shower and out of the door. She picked me up an we ended up at lunch in Little Tokyo and went to get my facial wash from Shiseido and soft serve icecream..yumm.. was great chatting up and be out even just to grab groceries and seriously, i bought a ton of it..haha..
anwyays, came home to the apartment and chilled for the rest of the day after a coffee bean session which was a treat and later had a briefing of our activities by Stephanie our other producer.Tried going to lalaland but ended up tossing and turning the whole night because of my knotted shoulders and the horrible ikea pillows did not help. sucks :(

ps: today Tara and Katie went to the Emmy's party and got real great was that!! and miss erica (red head) got more boxes shipped over and showed off all her

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