Sunday, September 27, 2009



the longest day so far, started at 6.30am for the line up of bathroom time. come on, 7 girls to 1 bathroom, total nightmare. then left for the fashion institute again at 8am and we were all assigned with 30mins for hair and makeup each. we put on out dresses and left for set to start filming Project Runway. could not sit for the next 8 hours so as not to wrinkle it and it was freezing backstage too. was filmed walking the runway twice and both times, i had my ankles wrapped up in the dress..hmm did not trip but was still definitely annoying. Luckily, the live filming round, i did alright..whew..though it was quite weird walking without music. Later, we had out lunch at around 4pm in the green room and waited and watched the designers' elimination muted. Didn't really get it at first but finally realised that my designer Irina was in the safe group.Vanessa, Katie, Emarie, and Yosuzi's designers were the last 6. they individually got critiqued, and the final conclusion was that Yosuzi's designer Mitchell stayed and Erica's designer Ari left. Erica has all along been rather competitive while Yosuzi is all chill and Yosu actually wanted to give her chance to stay for Erica. i told her it was unfair since Yosu already had a hard time with Mitchell with all the wrong measurements issue and it should be fair competition. However, later in the model elimination , they decided that all the designers get to choose their models starting with Christopher. that was stressful. in our ugly black slips and no shoes, we stood in a line with Heidi and she picks names out of a bag and it goes on and on till it was just me, Yosu, and Erica (short hair). in the end, sadly Yosu had to go home. we all figured Mitchell spoke poorly of her so no one wanted to pick her. I was almost in tears as she was my other chill half. this sucks..its so physically and emotionally stressful as i love everyone. feels like execution. but i know i won't last long anyways so why take it so hard. Emarie, my neighbour is a vegetarian and she threw up after bad she had peptobismol for dinner...what a day...

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