Wednesday, September 30, 2009



our second challenge on Project Runway today. Another 13 hour day. damn it . did my hair and makeup which was nice..had smoky teal and silver eye shadow and raspberry lips with hair extensions that created a soft side chignon. however, we had to wear that belly along with our dress all day long which annoyed the crap out of me. 

we only had one run through then waited to be filmed. at least, i did not have the slightest trouble with my cute dress. was smooth till 6 of us got called up to stage for the best and worst again. this time it was Kalyn, Matar, Tanisha, Vanessa, Valerie and Lisa. At the very end, Matar's designer Shirin won the challenge and unfortunately, Malvin (the only Asian designer) was out. He was Valerie's designer with the mother and egg concept. we all screamed 'no' in shock in the green room and could not figure out a reason why Mitchell was still here after two bad outfits. he made a cream tight top and shorts which showed his pathetic sewing skills and sloppiness. cannot believe he got to stay one more round. 

so then, now its our turn for elimination. put on our black slips and stood on stage in a neat row again. Shirin, the winning designer of course chose first, and she gave Matar up and chose Ebony whom previously was her model. Then my turn for doom came quick. Irina was so excited when she was called out and of course, as expected, she gave me up. i understood and was not at all surprised. after all being an Asian i did not represent the market here in the United States, and as a designer, she had the right to choose different looks and body type to show her versability.  Stood there numb and freezing (why do they always put it like so low till it feels like ice cube??), in no time, Nicholas actually chose me saying 'since my model is taken, i will take Celine when she is still available. it was undoubtedly a relief and i was quite excited to work with someone new too. went back to the green stressful when the door opens each time.. you wonder who survived. finally, Valerie was the last to come in which means she was out. She said her goodbyes and Vanessa and Katie, Tara and me were crying our eyeballs out. was insane. never thought i will feel this emotional. i like everyone in the apartment and after Yosuzi left, it's really hard to detach from these girls. Oh man and Fatma added to the tension as she bitched about how pissed with not working with Logan next round. i can tell that everyone seems to be annoyed with Fatma..Funny thing is that last night when the girls went out, Kat the producer asked if they are in groups, they said its getting there except Celine who's so neutral like being Canada. haha thought this was rather funny.

The dreadful night ended us back in the loft at 10pm eating leftovers and me eating instant noodles while poor Valerie packed and rolled her stuff out, sticking her last words and information  on the board of eliminated members...hate it hate it hate it!!!


DAY 7:

Early this morning, we arrived at the gas building again to do a fitting for the designers for our second challenge. This time, the theme was 'Pregnant Chic".. yea , so unfortunately and unglamourously, we were strapped on with synthetic bellies and my outfit was pretty. Turquoise empire waist knee length dress and had a cool flower thing on my right side made from pieces of chiffon. was weird having a  belly though. cant even imagine being pregnant. 
Anyhoos, went back to the apartment and chatted on the phone with mr alex koh and joyce. really great to hear familiar voices without being taped. tried to grab a cup of coffee but both Starbucks and Coffee Bean was already closed. Staying downtown really sucks.. oh yeah, Kojii's family and her adorable daughter Croi came by for a visit...with doggie Juno who was bouncing around. Also, Ebony's parents and boyfriend came by too. reminds of people visiting the boys in the military back home..just a more BITCHY version under this


DAY 6: 

today was kinda fun. went back to the studio and had to do 2 things. one was for the main title and one was for the promotional side for Lifetime. so i started off with the main title which was filmed with us saying all these ridiculous lines like 'i am so hot' or ' i'm in and you r out' embarrassing. later we did our still shots and were shuttled to the other side for lunch. the catering van was probably the highlight of the day and had lobster tails...yummm..was the best food so far. 
after filling our stomachs, we proceeded to do the promo shoot. this hairdresser doing our hair was rather cute. french..hmmm that's why..haha. called Christian. anyways, had to film weird stuff again with funny questions like 'Do your parents know and how do they feel about you being on the show?'..well as usual i gave very politically correct answers but really, my parents did not know what the heck i was doing...
headed back to the loft and was told that we get to go out till 11pm. everyone visible just ran out but i did not have anywhere to go so i stayed home, did some dishes but decided to just step out for a stroll...Nina from the production crew chaperoned me about 10 blocks and we came back and stayed in her car to chat. how funny was it when we bitched about people being the biggest nuisance..and guess who was getting on my nerves?it was the red head Erica. of course, i also got to know ms Nina better, about her work and love and all..such a cool girl..think her love interest was sorta some guy in Earl..  

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Althea Harper Spring Summer 2010 Show

Yet another talented Project Runway designer Althea put her looks on the runway this fashion week at Touch Lounge on the westside on Varick Street NYC. It was a great turn out and the show was also amazing with asymmetrical shapes ranging from crotchet little jackets to cute three quarter pants to long flowing dresses. Honestly, i would buy the outfits in a second. lol.. This time, Epperson did make it in time for the show and also, Logan, Carolhannah, Malvin, Erica, Matar and Kalyn were also there...yippee!!!it was a fun show and i hope my dear friend who was forced to tag along with me had an experience too! right Miss Bee?

Raemon's Spring Summer 2010/NYC

Raemon had his Spring/Summer 2010 Fashion Show in New York City. The show was interesting as the models came out individually and stayed on stage till a group of about 4 form a portrait. Colors were refreshing with orange and white and green in both the men's and women's wear and the show ended with a grand finale lead by Miss Vanessa, his beloved model from Project Runway S6. Of course, besides me, Logan, Carolhannah, Christopher, Qristal, Althea and Epperson (who came after the show wrapped also Laura who is the face behind

mummy's boy!! sept 2009

Momo Deux now is almost four months old!!ohhh noOOOO!!!

Monday, September 28, 2009


DAY 5: 19 SEPT 08

Thank God for this mellow day.woke up suffering from sore legs and shoulders from last night.Didn't even make it to the 9am Boot Camp yoga class..oh well...but did not sleep in either since everyone else was up. laid in the sun and enjoyed my nano for an hour and when the boot camp crew was back, Kat the producer let me go from 12 - 3pm to meet Laurie..that was the best news ever so i ran into the shower and out of the door. She picked me up an we ended up at lunch in Little Tokyo and went to get my facial wash from Shiseido and soft serve icecream..yumm.. was great chatting up and be out even just to grab groceries and seriously, i bought a ton of it..haha..
anwyays, came home to the apartment and chilled for the rest of the day after a coffee bean session which was a treat and later had a briefing of our activities by Stephanie our other producer.Tried going to lalaland but ended up tossing and turning the whole night because of my knotted shoulders and the horrible ikea pillows did not help. sucks :(

ps: today Tara and Katie went to the Emmy's party and got real great was that!! and miss erica (red head) got more boxes shipped over and showed off all her

Sunday, September 27, 2009



the longest day so far, started at 6.30am for the line up of bathroom time. come on, 7 girls to 1 bathroom, total nightmare. then left for the fashion institute again at 8am and we were all assigned with 30mins for hair and makeup each. we put on out dresses and left for set to start filming Project Runway. could not sit for the next 8 hours so as not to wrinkle it and it was freezing backstage too. was filmed walking the runway twice and both times, i had my ankles wrapped up in the dress..hmm did not trip but was still definitely annoying. Luckily, the live filming round, i did alright..whew..though it was quite weird walking without music. Later, we had out lunch at around 4pm in the green room and waited and watched the designers' elimination muted. Didn't really get it at first but finally realised that my designer Irina was in the safe group.Vanessa, Katie, Emarie, and Yosuzi's designers were the last 6. they individually got critiqued, and the final conclusion was that Yosuzi's designer Mitchell stayed and Erica's designer Ari left. Erica has all along been rather competitive while Yosuzi is all chill and Yosu actually wanted to give her chance to stay for Erica. i told her it was unfair since Yosu already had a hard time with Mitchell with all the wrong measurements issue and it should be fair competition. However, later in the model elimination , they decided that all the designers get to choose their models starting with Christopher. that was stressful. in our ugly black slips and no shoes, we stood in a line with Heidi and she picks names out of a bag and it goes on and on till it was just me, Yosu, and Erica (short hair). in the end, sadly Yosu had to go home. we all figured Mitchell spoke poorly of her so no one wanted to pick her. I was almost in tears as she was my other chill half. this sucks..its so physically and emotionally stressful as i love everyone. feels like execution. but i know i won't last long anyways so why take it so hard. Emarie, my neighbour is a vegetarian and she threw up after bad she had peptobismol for dinner...what a day...


DAY 2/ 16 SEPT 2008

slept so badly last night on the ikea bed and pillows and had to get up at 8am. was filmed and miked all day again. oh man, since we were all house arrested, i cooked pasta for lunch and then went to LA Models to see Christa after the last time which was 4 years ago. Of course, they filmed the whole event. Was so anticipating to see Laurie for coffee but at the last minute, i was told to stay in and it was such a bummer. But going to Starbucks this morning was definitely a treat and even though it was only a block away, it seemed like going to Disney or something. So out surprise tonight was a basket of folders with the work of all the designers, the very first peek of Project Runway.


DAY 3/17 SEPT 2008

today was a little more eventful. Hung out in the terrace and got a tan with Yosuzi.then was caught to go to a production interview and all those questions again. then finally, another surprise and whoo yooo...yet another basket. this time it was filled with muffins and a list of us with names of the designers whom we are paired with. Mine was a gorgeous lady called Irina. Later in the evening, we were taken to the fashion institute and gave the designers a surprise visit. it was funny since they did not know us but our looks and measurements.we had to look for them and i was standing there clueless while Irina came up to me and 'celine?' so apparently, shes also from NYC too which is cool and she had this pretty nude laced gown with a velvet ribbon belt waiting for me. i put it on and it fit amazing..Low V neck and it was so me...loved the dress, her attitude and all. we also had the same nail polish and it was great to meet someone laid back and nice. the challenge was RED CARPET and everyone was excited. was crazy that they did not feed us and just when we were about to go on a silent protest. we were finally chewing at 10pm...

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

New Paper Write up

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Thu, Sep 10, 2009
The New Paper
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S'pore girl to strut down Project Runway
by Joanne Soh

WALKING down a runway wearing the latest threads from fashion designers, in front of celebrities such as Lindsay Lohan, Rebecca Romijn and Heidi Klum.
That's what model Celine Chua has been doing in a popular US reality television show.
The 29-year-old Singaporean recently made her small screen debut on the sixth season of Project Runway (which aired in the US on 20 Aug) as one of the 16 models attached to the show's competing designers.
Hosted by German supermodel Klum, Project Runway is the reality show for aspiring fashion designers who compete for a cash prize of US$100,000 ($144,500) to start their own line.
So how did a local girl who wanted to be a chef get into that?
Celine told The New Paper in an e-mail interview that she moved to New York six years ago 'to try her luck' in modelling. 'I met up with a few agencies and finally signed with New York Models Management.'
The ex-Methodist Girls' School and Anglo-Chinese Junior College student was spotted by Celia Teh, a former model and then general manager of Elite Models, at a food court. She later represented Singapore at the 1999 Elite Model Look competition.
After earning an economics and sociology degree from the National University of Singapore, Celine headed to Hong Kong and was signed to Starz People where she walked the runways of the Gucci and Chanel shows during the Hong Kong Fashion Week in 2002.
A Project Runway novice - she confessed to never watching an episode or even a commercial for it - Celine went for a 'general casting (at which) they filmed you walking and flipped through your portfolio'.
After a call-back the next day and several psychological tests, Celine was chosen to be one of the models for the sixth and latest season of the show.
Celine may not be the fairest of them all (she readily admitted she's only 'of average looks'), but at 1.83m tall, she stands out as the tallest contestant.
Along with American models, there are girls from Ireland, Venezuela, Gambia and Israel. Celine is the only Asian face there. She is in the running for a US$25,000 cash prize if she is the last model standing.
But Celine said the model is more or less at the mercy of the designer she is assigned to. 'But this is a show about the designers and there's nothing else we can do regardless of our talent.'
She added: 'It also depends on whether your designer decides to stick with you or choose other girls for a variety of looks. When the designer is eliminated, it doesn't mean his model gets the boot too, but we really don't have any influence. It's just luck, I guess.'
She has had her share of luck, but the leggy lass is quick to add that 'hard work and the right attitude' must go together.
'I never thought I would find success overseas when I started working as a model in Singapore,' she said.
Go behind the scenes

As luck will have it, this season's Project Runway includes a spin-off segment called Models Of The Runway, where viewers can see the models in their 'natural habitat' and get an insight into how they feel about the designers and about one another.
'I knew about the spin-off only on the day I flew to Los Angeles where this season's show was shot,' Celine said. '(It) adds a new perspective and offers a behind-the-scenes look.'
She added self-deprecatingly: 'I don't quite understand what is so interesting about watching models.'
She said: 'This whole Project Runway experience has opened my eyes. No matter how talented or how confident you are, many situations are not up to you.
'What is yours will be yours.'

Episode 3 Project Runway : extended judging

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

episode 1 video:designer irina / red carpet look

episode 2 video:designer irina / maternity chic

episode 3 video: designer Nicholas / beach-inspired avant garde look

Sunday, September 6, 2009

the little zzz monster...

so a cat really sleeps 17 hours...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz