Saturday, August 22, 2009


This was a rather special day for me...since Project Runway and MOTR was filmed almost a year ago, i never got to meet up my fellow cute model cupcakes as we were known till today..this was the day for Lifetime Promo on a specially labelled double decker tourist bus in NYC..

so it started off a car service picking the sleepy me up and we did a short interview for Good Day NY which featured us on their morning the sweltering heat with no bathroom in the bus (bloody nightmare), we (me, Kalyn, Emarie and Valerie) and many other promotional sexy ladies were transported to Union Square and Broadway to do some publicity giving out printed fans and umbrellas to the public. Later, we hopped on for a trip to 62nd Street and Central Park West to meet darling Timm Gunn for more press interviews and pictures signifying the change of channel on Lifetime from 12 to now 62. He must be baked since we were already in shorts..haha..but still gentle and looking great..i dont know how though..anyways, posed with him and red umbrellas, we took many pictures and continued our travel to Times Square where we went against traffic and parked at the big billboard of PROJECT RUNWAY...the funniest thing was that the most recgonised and famous all year round Times SQ naked cow boy came on the deck and started singing and drew more attention to our red bus. was actually pretty funny to see him so close up especially his ass...:p in any case, we ended our long hot day at Herald Square giving out the rest of umbrellas and fans to the 'fans'...and hopefully, our efforts paid tune in to Channel 62 guys!!

dont know about the gals, but i did have a blast meeting them again and catching up and yeah we should do dinner soon!!yipee!!

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