Monday, July 27, 2009

my momo-deux precious came home!! 8weeks old

My baby Momo-deux finally turned 8 weeks old and came home with me on 25th july 09 after a 2hour ride from the cattery upstate. and this is him!! hes absolutely hyperactive, curious with not much hand and leg coordination, and a little fluff ball!!!love him....

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Mad for Chickennnn!!!

Everyone likes chicken..from the Asians, to the Southerns..everyone does. But where do we go for the best fried chicken?of course, there are many types of frying and many types of batter but In NYC, Bon Chon is my all time favourite next to Popeyes. It is Korean chain of restaurants and serves up double fried but healthy (since it fries in 100% olive oil) spicy or garlic chicken is so good that i always end up eating almost 20 and it is never fact, this place is great and hip and has a full bar. So, why not get drunk on cocktails and chicken wings?

ps: for my greedy friends in Singapore, it is coming to sunny Singapore..yippeeee!!!

summer coney island fair!!

Who goes to Coney island i always ask myself?At the end of the N train, it seems too far to bask in the sun and thus i have only been there once...for a magazine photo shoot..haha..however, my experience was totally different last Sunday when Joe took me there, on 4 wheels of course..

Unfortunately , the first bathroom experience was sad..waited 15mins in line and while it was dirty and overpopulated and drowning in water, my stomach was turning upside down after relieving myself.

Anyways, back to the main attraction of summer in Coney, the fun fair was filled with families and excited kids and adults carrying their many kinds of bear prizes.. i wanted one too..but we went to take a ride on the ferris wheel which was nice..peace up there amidst all the hustle and bustle. took pictures in the ID booth, we went on to the arcade and played 'Deal or no Deal'. it was actually fun for my first time. Later, we ended our day trip by Joe shooting basketballs after finally after contributing 15bucks to the Coney island economy, we landed on our white bear which we called 'xiao bai'.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

kite flying in state liberty park!!

i have not flown a kite since ten years ago and last week, me and my bf bought two funny looking kites online..a kungfu panda one and a lady bug. we went to the jersey state liberty park on july 4th and without even any skills, mr panda flew on its own up to the skies...quickly our 500ft roll of string was used up. there was no challenge so we flew the lady bug next...this was more challenging as it did not balance as well and kept wanting to fall down. kite flying reminded me of my childhood times and i cant wait to go again!..only this time i want to fly a GREAT WHITE SHARK!!

fire first beach trip in nyc july 2009

this is my first beach trip in nyc in almost 7 was nothing but blue skies and breeze and sands filled with seashells, a couple of deers roaming ard and all my fun loving friends..cannot be better.... the ferry ride was relaxing and watching the boys play soccer was great entertainment. awesome..this is what summer should be!! let's hope summer will last longer...