Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Belly piercing for me???

who would have thought in this world that i would actually come down to piercing myself..haha.guess have been thinking about it for a while and yesterday went with my gf joyce to check it out at a shop on second ave and 2nd street. i wanted to get a nose stud but because of my job, i cant do it right now but joyce was brave and decided to do it in less than three mins.it was painful bringing tears to her eyes but luckily the pain was quick.

then i zzz on it the whole night and talked myself to get a naval one since its hidden..so i went today without hesitation and got one.unfortunately, the guy who was doing it Mattia (i think), had a little hitch. the first pierce using a thick needle was painful cos he said he couldnt find enough fat (so i had to sit up higher)..then, putting the jewelry on was supposedly easy but got caught so he tried a few times n eventually had to take it out and poke it through again. thank goodness i have a high tolerance of pain otherwise it would be like him really trying hard to make me cry.well there was a little more blood than expected but guess what?i love it!!! then again, now i have to really keep my little belly in shape..hahaha

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